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The Nothing
The Nothing

Our Price: $11.99
Artist/Producer: Released Pictures
UPC Code 622306018697

Product Code: TN001

New Price! THE NOTHING tells the story of Ren Dubbin, a man struggling to reconcile his spiritual beliefs with his crippling fear of the unknown. He awakens to find himself in an eerie, ramshackle barn with four strangers. The men have no idea where they are and no memory of how they got there. The mystery turns to desperation when they open the doors to discover what is outside. The oppressive discovery outside and bizarre events inside bring to light their deepest fears, doubts, failings, and beliefs. When their situation appears to grow hopeless, the men turn to reflections on life and death, faith, God and--ultimately--the afterlife. The characters in the film are confronted with a situation that forces them to decide what kind of people they are: When everything they take for granted is taken away, what remains? THE NOTHING asks the big questions of life: Is there a God? If so, does He care about us? Why do terrible things happen? Does anything truly matter? A unique, mind-bending film in the tradition of LOST or The Twilight Zone, it is an exploration of the relationship between faith and fear. Something is happening... The evocative and haunting score of The Nothing was written and performed by legendary bluegrass musician Ron Block (of Alison Krauss and Union Station).
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